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We developed Mentor-Mentee platform with prior motive of connecting mentee with mentors. Mentors play important role to choose student’s career. Also, Mentors play great role in development of students future. Mentors can help students to decide their career and make them suitable for industry. Most of successful peoples have mentor and others are searching for a great mentor. The mentors have experience and you can learn lots from them within short period of time.

It is important to connect with right person to solve the problem with in time. Also, mentor play great role in success of every-one, that mentor might be in the form of parent, teacher, spouse, friends, siblings etc. Some time we wanna do something different, at that time, we need advice from person(mentor), who has experience in same field.

As an entrepreneur, you can have great idea and also you know, how to execute it. But at the same time, you need someone to advice you to run the business smoothly. Time to time, mentor will guide you from his/her rich experience, that will help you to not making certain business decisions to fostering certain partnerships.

How mentoring platform work

  • Sign-up and Sign-in (It's Free)
  • Go to Mentor page and select the area and skill in which you need a mentor
  • Select interested mentors and go to their profile
  • Message your query to Mentors.
  • Mentor will respond accordingly. Also he will provide detail about available time, how to pay money etc.
  • Last but not least, please review to mentor accordingly to your experience with their positive and negative (if any) points, so it will be helpful for other mentees.
  • Disclaimer: Our motive is to connect right person(mentor) with you (mentee). We don’t take any payment, you have to transfer mentor’s fee to his/her account. Also, both of you (mentor and mentee) can decide online or offline meeting, according to your convenience.

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